Pet's First Visit

Plan Ahead

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Stop by with your pet for a "Meet and Greet"

We encourage you to stop by our office any time with your pet for a visit! It will give them a chance to experience the environment through sight, smell and touch and meet some of our friendly front desk staff. We are happy to offer lots of affection and treats to make them feel welcome!

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Fill out forms ahead of time

Click here and fill out our “New Client Form” so we can learn about you and your pet(s)!

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Utilize Pet Supplements and Medication

Don’t be afraid to utilize supplements! If your pet is anxious, there are numerous supplements available over the counter that can help your pet during anxious times. For dogs and cats, there are products such as Zylkene and Composure. There are also calming sprays and wipes that use pheromones to calm your pet (Feliway and Adaptil). We also offer safe prescription medications that have proven to be useful in reducing fear, anxiety and stress. If you feel that it would help your pet feel more comfortable and at ease, please let us know when you schedule your appointment so we can discuss medication options.

What To Bring

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Health Records

Please bring any health records from previous vet visits. This will help us tailor the visit to your pet’s needs and will give us information on any health issues, vaccine history, etc.

Dogs must be on a leash with a well-fitted collar or harness and cats must be in a secure carrier!

Bring your pet hungry! We’re not saying to skip a meal, but a couple hours before their appointment, it is a good idea to withhold food. Bring some of your pet’s favorite, high value treats. We do have treats at the office, but sometimes pets are too nervous to eat and may prefer something that they connect with you and their home.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and request help if needed

If you have specific questions for the doctor, it is always helpful to write them down and bring them along with you.